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CASA hosts ‘Night of the Child’

Friday, Feb 23, 2018

Original article published in The Citizen Tribune on Februrary 23rd 2018 by Kate Evans. http://www.citizentribune.com/news/local/casa-hosts-night-of-the-child/article_4fb165ec-18b9-11e8-92c1-ff084bc46eaa.html

People opened their hearts and their checkbooks Thursday night in support of Lakeway Court Appointed Special Advocates at the 6th annual “Night of the Child” banquet.

The banquet is CASA’s annual fundraising event that benefits Lakeway CASA, an organization that advocates to children who are entrenched in court cases or foster care.

There were over 45 tables set up inside the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church, holding floral arrangements from the Blossom Shop. The banquet began with a dinner of classic American food and dessert catered by Southern Traditions.

When they started thinking about adoption again, there were so many different routes they could go. International, domestic, foster, etc.

Through prayer and a Facebook message, God sent them a child. It was from the cousin of Scott’s wife who she hadn’t spoken to in 20 years. Through some bad choices she made, she was about to lose custody and wanted to make sure the child would go to a good home.

From day one, CASA was in the process because the child had a CASA worker with him.

“His CASA worker wasn’t for or against us getting him,” Galyon said. “She just had his best interest at heart and wanted to make sure that he was going to be taken care of.”

Galyon spoke highly of CASA and the work they did in order to get them their son.

“We are so thankful for them,” Galyon said. “So please support them because they do so much work for so many families and they are truly a blessing.”

The first of the three guest speakers of the evening was Carmen Tegano, who is a part of the UT Athletic Department.

Tegano told stories about Randy Sanders and James “Little Man” Stewart and the memories he had with them.

He also told his thoughts on the leadership at UT.

“I believe UT is in a great place and I believe in Phil Fulmer and the rest of the leadership at Tennessee.” Tegano said.

He then told a story about how he had seen some kids at a Knoxville Area Rescue Mission who looked like they had no hope.

“It’s because of the people in this room that those kids can have hope,” Tegano said. “People like you give them the help they need to have the life they deserve.”

Next was J.P. Arencibia, student assistant coach for UT baseball. He told about all the opportunities that he has had in his life and if it wasn’t for those opportunities, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

“There were so many things I was able to accomplish because of my opportunities,” Arencibia said. “You all give these kids opportunities every day to succeed and I’m appreciative of organizations like this because of the opportunities you give.”

Lastly was Tony Vitello, head coach for UT baseball. He talked about how he believes in giving back and how he gives his players the opportunity to give back by serving the local community.

“I want to get involved,” Vitello said. “I think what y’all do is great and I wish y’all the most success.”

Guests were encouraged to donate to Lakeway CASA. The money raised from the event is used for the training of volunteers, administrative purposes and fundraising events such as the banquet.

If interested in donating to Lakeway CASA, the organization is located at 3441 West Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown, TN, 37814. Call or visit lakewaycasa.org.

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