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PARIS TN: Non-profit committee approves 21 organization requests

Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018

Original article published in The Paris Post-Intelligencer on June 12th http://www.parispi.net/news/local_news/article_0eeab36c-6ea7-11e8-a196-eba855eb05c4.html

The Henry County government will likely donate around $92,000 during the upcoming 2018-19 fiscal year. The requests will be looked at during the July Henry County Commission meeting.

The Henry County Non-profit Screening committee met Tuesday night where they agreed to present a list with 21 different organizations receiving $92,685. That’s slightly down from the $95,185 that the county donated last year.

The committee did state that one of the organizations, JACOA, has not submitted their paperwork, and until they do, funds can’t be distributed to them. If JACOA submits the paperwork, then they will receive $2,500 bringing the list of non-profit organizations receiving funds to a total of $95,185, which is the same total as last year.


Non-profit groups are given a chance annually to request donations from the county as part of the budget process. Many groups requested increases this year, but the committee mostly chose to keep their donations at the same figure as last year.

The committee reduced the amount given to the Paris-Henry County Arts Council, who received $3,000 last year because of their 50th anniversary celebration. The committee settled on $2,000 for the Arts Council, which is the same amount they have received in previous years.

Another exception was Paris Downtown Boxing based in Paris. Henry County Mayor Brent Greer said that the organization operates on total donations and the kids don’t pay for anything, so he said that he was much more comfortable increasing the donation to that group because of the impact the organization has on the youth in the local community.

Paris Downtown Boxing received $1,000 last year, and the committee recommended $1,500 for this year.

One group that requested an increase this year was the Buddy Ball organization, which wanted $5,000 compared to the $500 they received last year. The Buddy Ball organization provides a way for special needs children to become involved in sports.

Greer said that he felt comfortable with the $500 the committee approved last year.

The committee voted to donate $500.

Two new requests were made to the committee: Tennessee Homeless Solutions, based in Paris who requested $1,000; and the Henry CASA Program, who requested any amount.

“Tennessee Homeless Solutions deals with veterans, and it’s a good program. But they didn’t furnish a budget or provide us with the 501(c)(3) we need,” said Greer. “We want time check into them more thoroughly, so I request that we wait and that they might be placed on the list for consideration in the future.”

The committee approved to add Tennessee Homeless Solutions to next year’s requests, but the committee declined to recommend any donation for the group this year.

The committee did approved donating $1,000 to the Henry CASA Program.

“Judge Vicki (Snyder) has been trying really hard to get the program off the ground. It’s our own government that’s instituting it,” Greer said. “The program focuses on helping children that having difficulty in broken homes.”

Greer also told the committee that 100 percent of the money from the Henry CASA program will be spent in the county.

Greer also stated that CASA along with the Carl Perkins Center and WRAP will be trying to get funding through the victim assessment program. Most of the funds from the victim assessment program had previously gone to Carl Perkins, but this year the money would be split between three organizations. Greer said that he wanted the committee the continue to approve donations for each of the three organizations.

The list of non-profits who are scheduled to receive money are:

• Volunteer fire departments, $31,200. There are 16 different fire stations in the county representing rural volunteer departments.

They are to receive $1,950 each.

• Aspell Recovery Center, an alcoholism treatment program in Jackson, $1,500.

• St. John’s Community Services in Martin, $4,000.

• Habitat for Humanity, $2,000.

• Henry County Fair Association, $5,250.

• Henry County Youth Baseball Association, $5,250.

• Kentucky Lake Girls Softball Association, $5,250.

• Lee School Association, $5,000.

• Paris Downtown Boxing, $1,500.


• Paris-Henry County Arts Council, $2,000.

• Paris-Henry County Heritage Center, $10,000.

• Paris-Henry County Rescue Squad, $5,000.

• Star Center in Jackson, $500.

• Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Paris, $3,235.

• TARP (Training, Advocacy, Referral, Peer Support and transition) Center, $2,500.

• Carl Perkins Center, $3,500.

• Ladies with SWAG (Sisters With a Goal), $500.

• West Tennessee Hearing and Speech, $1,000.

• WRAP program, $2,000.

• Buddy Ball, $500.

Plus Endowment and Youth Town of Jackson were also listed, but they did not request any funds from the committee.

Last year was the first time Plus Endowment and Youth Town of Jackson submitted requests to the committee who declined to recommend any donation for those two groups.

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